jQuery UI Dialog - Animation


Have you been invited to a Demo or live Skype meeting? Here's how you can join!


1) Look for the email inviting you to the meeting. The body of the email will look similar to this.


2) Click the 'Join Skype Meeting' button.


3) if you have Skype for Business installed on your computer click 'Join with Skype for Business'. If not, click 'Install and Join with Skype Meetings App' (The Meetings app doesn't really get installed, it just runs a temporary application)




4)  After you click 'Install and Join with Skype Meetings App' the temporary application will download. Once finished, double-click to run the application.



5) The Skype Meeting window should appear and start loading. It may take up to a minute to fully load. Once loaded, enter your name to join the meeting!







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