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How do I find my school?

Try searching for your school with various terms. For instance, search first with the full name, and if you do not find it, try again with any abbreviation the school may use. Try both including and excluding a City/State from your search as well.

If you still cannot find your school, please contact 800-328-2435.


How do I create an account?

Some schools require a School Passcode to create an account. This School Passcode is in addition to your personal password. The School Passcode is available from your school's yearbook adviser. If you are registering with your Facebook account, please ensure your Facebook email and password are entered correctly.


How do I create a new password?

Use this link to create a new password.



How do I upload photos?

Uploading also requires that you are connected to the internet. Please ensure you have a connection, then try uploading again.

If you are still unable to upload, please contact us at 800-328-2435.


Why can't I see the photos I've uploaded?

Once submitted, photos are screened to make sure the content is school appropriate. This process can take up to 15 minutes but is often completed in just a few minutes. Hang tight, and your photos will be available on ReplayIt shortly.

You can see all of your uploads by visiting your profile (the link to your profile is in the upper-right corner of the site). In your profile, you can check the status of your uploads to see whether they are pending moderation, approved, or rejected.


Why is the website not showing up on my computer?

Please ensure you have an updated version of your preferred browser installed on your computer. Older versions of browsers (e.g. Internet Explorer 6) do not support many features on today's websites. Downloads of many up-to-date browsers (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome) are available for free.


How do I find my school's site?

Go to www.replayit.com from your cellphone or computer. Click "Get Started" and then locate your school by typing in the name and/or the city and state.


How do I find my School Passcode?

Some schools require a School Passcode to limit who can access the site. Your school's Yearbook Adviser will be able to provide the Passcode for you.


What is the difference between a School Passcode and an account password?

A School Passcode is a code chosen by school administrators for the school's ReplayIt site. Anyone who wants to create an account for the school's ReplayIt site will need to enter the School Passcode at the time of registration. The School Passcode only needs to be entered once.

An account password is unique to each user's account. After completing registration, the user will enter their email address and account password whenever they want to enter the site.


How do I create an account?

Click "Get Started" then find and select your school and click "Continue". Then either register using your Facebook account information, or create a ReplayIt account by entering your email address and creating a password.


How do I browse photos on ReplayIt?

From your school homepage, you can:

Click on any of the photos in the mosaic to see all the photos with that same tag

Click on a tag above the mosaic to see all the photos with that tag. These tags show the categories with the most photos.

Click on "All Tags" to see every tag on the site that has photos.

Perform a Search in the box on the upper left of the mosaic. Based on what you type, ReplayIt will automatically suggest tags from the site that have photos.


How do I access multiple schools from my account?

Once logged in, access the drop-down menu on the upper-left of the site (it will show the name of the school you are logged into).

Click on "Select a Different School" and then find the additional school you wish to register to. You may need to enter a School Passcode if the additional school requires one.

Once registered, you will be able to switch between schools via the drop-down menu on the upper-left of the site.


How do I upload photos to ReplayIt?

You can upload photos directly from your computer. Once logged into the site, click "Upload". Choose which photos to upload. You can upload multiple photos by holding CTRL (on a PC) or COMMAND (on a Mac). 

As the photos are uploading, add at least one tag to the photo – person, activity, event, category – and confirm the date. You can add as many tags as you want. Write a caption if you wish. Then click "Share With School"

Once submitted, the photos will be screened to make sure the content is school appropriate, then will appear on ReplayIt within 15 minutes.


How do I tag a photo? Why should I add tags?

When uploading a photo, you can add as many tags as you wish to a photo. Tags can be people's names, activities, events, grades, categories, and more.

Adding tags helps to organize the photos and make them easier to browse for and search for on ReplayIt. It also helps the yearbook staff know where to use the photos in the yearbook!


How do I remove a photo from ReplayIt?

Photos are organized by the date they were taken. So if a photo was taken in September, it will show up there on the ReplayIt timeline. For most photos, this information is pulled in automatically during the upload.


Where will my photos show up on the ReplayIt timeline?

If you uploaded the photo, click on the "Delete" button below the large view of the photo. If you did not upload the photo, click on the "Flag" button below the large view of the photo, and provide your rationale. In either case, the photo will come down from ReplayIt immediately.


How do I interact with photos on ReplayIt?

First, view the large version of the photo by clicking on it. Then you can:

Like: click the Like button to voice your opinion.

Share via Email: click the Envelope icon to share a photo via email.

Share to Facebook: coming soon!

Add/Edit Tags: click Edit Tags to change the tags associated with a photo.

Rotate: coming soon!

Crop: coming soon!

Flag: click the Flag icon to remove a photo that has inappropriate or offensive content.


How do I access my profile?

Once logged in, click on your name in the upper-right of the site to access your profile. In your profile, you can see notifications about whether your uploads have passed moderation and view your uploads.


How do I get help or technical support for ReplayIt?

If you need help with anything on ReplayIt, please contact 800-328-2435.


How do I make a suggestion to improve ReplayIt or file a complaint?

Login to the ReplayIT website and use the feedback form.


My Account > Feedback


What is ReplayIt?

The premier school digital media platform that allows the school community to share its story.

A unique website just for you and your school. It's constantly updated with new photos – of people, events, and activities from school – uploaded by the yearbook staff and other members of the school community. Join in the fun by uploading your own photos of yourself, your friends, and anything you want to share with the school!

A way for you to get involved in telling the story of your school year and creating your school's yearbook. Any photo you upload to ReplayIt will be available to the yearbook staff to include in the yearbook.


How does ReplayIt benefit my school and me?

Get more of a say in the yearbook – be more involved in the yearbook creation process by submitting photos, recommending content, voting in polls, and more. 

More photos! See extra photos from the yearbook staff, other students, and members of the school community.

Create a better yearbook by leveraging more content from the school community.

New educational opportunities around online content creation and publishing.

Safe, moderated portal for hosting and sharing school-related photos and videos.


How long will this year's content on ReplayIt be available?

ReplayIt is available to everyone in the school community for the entire school year. Students who buy the yearbook will enjoy continued, long-term access to the content on ReplayIt after the school year ends.

ReplayIt is brand new every school year – each year has its own unique story, so each year has its own unique ReplayIt site.


Who can sign up for a ReplayIt account?

Anyone in the school community can sign up for a ReplayIt account. You need an account to view, upload, share and interact with content on ReplayIt.

Some schools require a School Passcode to create an account. This Passcode is distributed in school by the yearbook adviser and staff. If your school requires a Passcode and you do not know it, please check with your yearbook adviser.


Is ReplayIt safe? How am I protected against inappropriate content on ReplayIt? What about cyber-bullying?

All images uploaded by the community are screened to ensure they contain content that is school appropriate. This screening checks for nudity, profanity, drugs, alcohol, inappropriate gestures, gang signs, violence, and weapons. Content only appears on ReplayIt once it has passed this screen.

In addition, any school community member can Flag inappropriate content. The content is then immediately removed from the site. To Flag an inappropriate piece of content, simply go to the image and click the Flag icon beneath the photo.

On the upload screen, users are also reminded of Pause Before You Post™ messaging which reminds them to consider the appropriateness of their content before uploading.

Users who repeatedly upload inappropriate content will have their site privileges revoked.


What about access control and security? Can we limit who is able to access my school's content?

Only registered users of the site can view, upload, share and interact with content. To register, users must enter their name, email address, and school affiliation, and create a password.

Schools that wish to limit access to the site can require a school-specific password to create an account and register with the site.


How do I find answers to questions I have that aren't listed here?

Please contact us at 800-328-2435.




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