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Have you ever tried taking a photo of your computer screen and noticed that it doesn't turn out well?

This is because the camera of your cellphone and your computer monitor interfere with each other and cause the image to look distorted.


To take a proper photo of your computer screen, you will want to use one of these two methods.


1) Take a screenshot of your monitor using your keyboard.

  • For a Windows computer press the alt + Print Screen key (the alt key is required if you have multiple monitors, if you only have one you can just press Print Screen)



  • Once you take the screenshot, open up Paint from the Start menu and press ctrl + v to paste your screenshot into Paint and save it (or right-click and paste)




  • For a Mac computer press shift + command + 3 to take a screenshot.mac_keyboard.png
  • The screenshot should be automatically saved from your desktop



2) On a Windows PC you can use the Snipping Tool to save an image on your screen

  • Use the Start Menu in the bottom left of your computer to search for 'Snipping'. The tool will look like this.


  • The Snipping Tool will allow you to take a screenshot of part of your screen or the whole screen.


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