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Have you been invited to a webinar or meeting through Microsoft Teams but don't know how to join?

Here's how!


1) Open the email you received inviting you to the meeting, or open the event on your calendar (either outlook or google calendar).

Click the 'Join Microsoft Teams Meeting' link towards the bottom of the event or email.




2) If you have Microsoft Teams installed on your computer, you can choose the option 'Open your Teams App' to join the meeting.

If not, use the 'Continue on this browser' option.




3) Allow Microsoft Teams to use your Microphone by pressing the 'Allow' button on this popup message.


Note: This step is optional. If you don't plan on using your Microphone or webcam you can press 'Block'.



4) The next screen allows you to turn on or off your Webcam and mute your Microphone. You will most likely want to turn off your Web Cam, but that is up to you. 


(This screen shows you a preview of what your webcam view)




5) Enter your Name in the box (first name is fine) and Click the 'Join now' button to join the Microsoft Teams meeting!



Running into issues? It's possible Microsoft Teams has been blocked on your schools network, try joining from a cellphone or computer on your personal internet connection.


To join from a Cell Phone, download the Microsoft teams app and then join the meeting.

(or after clicking the Join Meeting link in your calendar/email, open up your mobile browser settings and click the checkbox for 'Desktop Site'. Refresh the page, and now you should be able to join through your Mobile Web Browser.) This may not work on Safari, but will work on Google Chrome.






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