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Here is how you can setup Google Drive

1) Go to drive.google.com and login to your Google account. If you do not have a Google account you will need to create one. 


2) Once you've logged in, you will be looking at the 'My Drive' section. This is where your Google Drive files and folders are stored.



3) Use the 'New' button to create a new folder for your yearbook images. Or navigate to an existing folder.


NOTE: If you plan on sharing the folder with other users you will want to create just one and put sub-folders inside (so they get shared as well). If you don't plan on sharing your folders with other users you can create as many as you'd like at the top level.


4) You now have your folder created and can start uploading images from your computer into the folder.


To learn how to upload images from Google Drive into your Yearbook Site, view this article.






Sharing your Google Drive Folder with Others

1) Locate the folder you wish to share and right click on it. Choose 'Get Link'.




2) From the 'Get Link' menu, edit the options. Change 'Restricted' to be 'Anyone with the Link'.

     a) Also change 'Viewer' to be 'Editor'.


Once completed your screen should look like this.




3) Use the 'Copy Link' button to copy the link and send it out to anyone you wish to upload images.


NOTE: Anyone who gets this link will be able to upload images, delete images, create folders. If another user tries to delete a photo or folder you or someone else has uploaded, they can still be recovered from your Google Drive. They will either appear in the 'Trash' folder, or under your 'Files' list.


NOTE: If you want to organize the uploaded images into categories (or try to) create sub folders inside this shared folder for the different categories.


4) Your folder is now available for sharing! 


To learn how to upload images from Google Drive into your Yearbook Site, view this article.






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