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A lot of details go into creating a great yearbook. Plan for success by following the steps below. if you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to your Yearbook Representative - They are here to help.


Submit Personalization - Submit Personalization


Setting Up Yearbook/Ad Sales

To get to the Sells Tab, simply click on Sell and one of the options in the dropdown menu.



Ad Offer Set up  -  Setting up Ads 88011.png - Yearbook Sell's - Setting up Ads


   Here you can set up two types of ads. you can set up Recognition Ads or Business Ads.

  • Recognition Ads
    • This can be used by the Parent/Guardian to recognize a student's achievement for:
      • Completing the 5th grade
      • Moving on to the middle/high school
      • Senior Ads
      • Dedication
    • This can also be used to recognize school staff:
      • Retiring teacher/staff
      • First-year teachers/staff
      • Dedication
    • This can also be used to recognize Community leaders/sponsors/supporters:
      • Community helpers
      • Fundraiser helpers
      • Organization helpers
  • Business Ads
    • This can be a great way to help offset the cost of the yearbook by selling business ads
    • You can set up:
      • Business Ads
      • Community Ads
      • Organization Ads
    • Price points can be set up according to what type of ad it is.
      • You could set up Business Ads prices higher
      • While Organization Ads could be lower

Ad Sales Entry - Entering Ads 88011.png -Yearbook Sell - Entering Ads

   Here you can manually enter ads for in-person/local sales.  This can be done for Recognition Ads and Bussiness Ads.


Yearbook Offer Setup - Yearbook Setup 88011.png - Yearbook Setup

    Your Rep can help you set this part up.  Here you can view your current Yearbooks and make changes as needed.  You can set up a yearbook offer.  

  • Setting up yearbooks
    • You can set up to sell a regular email and include add-ons
      • Add-ons
        • Personalization - a student/parent/guardian/teacher can add their name to the front of the yearbook
        • Icons - Here they can select a list of icons to show what sport/hobby/club they belong to
        • Signature Package
        • Build a Custom Package - Here you can select your own item to offer
        • Autograph Section
        • Photo Pockets
        • Clear Protective Cover
        • Donate a Yearbook - This is a great way to help those students/staff/teachers who may have financial limitations get a yearbook
        • Flashback - a look at the world events that happened during the school year.
        • World Beat

Yearbook Sales Entry - Yearbook Entry 88011.png - Yearbook Entry

   Here you can manually enter ads for in-person/local sales.  This can be done for Recognition Ads and Bussiness Ads.


Student List

    Here you can upload a student list and have information ready to go on the first day of yearbook sales.


Sales Reports - Sales Report

    Here you can find reports on who had purchased a yearbook/ad. Track if the student/teacher/staff has paid partial or in full.  This also allows you to print off statements with yearbook tickets for the student/teacher/staff to hold and turn in when the book arrives.  The sales report will also let you know when personalization or any other extras the ordered.   You can also export this information to an Excel sheet 


Protection Plan - Protection Plan


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